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Lower the risk factors of Propane Gas simply by followng these simple guidelines for storage.

  • No smoking or direct sunlight

  • Switch off mobile phones

  • Ensure good ventilation

  • Avoid inhalation of vapor

  • Avoid contact with cylinders (wear protective footwear and suitable gloves)

  • Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Store and use only equipment/containers designed for use with this product

  • Store and dispense only in well ventilated areas away from heat and sources of ignition.

  • Containers must be labelled properly

  • Do not remove warning labels from containers

  • Check that cylinders are within test date. If overdue for inspection they must be returned to Calor Gas Limited.

  • Ensure that Pipework and handling equipment are designed for the purpose, inspected and maintained and is electrically bonded and grounded (earthed) to prevent accumulation of static charge.

In case of contact with propane gas, here are the first aid measures.


For Inhalation:

Remove the affected person to fresh air. Keep the patient warm and at rest. If breathing has stopped administer artificial respiration.

Give external cardiac massage if necessary. If the person is breathing, but unconscious, place them in the recovery position. Obtain medical assistance immediately.



Burns should be flushed with tepid water to normalise temperature and until circulation returns. Cover the burns with sterile dressings.

Do not apply ointments or powders. Obtain medical assistance immediately.



Cold burns should be flushed immediately with tepid water normalise temperature. Hold eyelids apart while flushing to rinse entire surface of the eye and lids with water. Cover the eye with a sterile dressing and obtain medical assistance immediately.

Propane gas strage guidelines from Tri-County Gas. Tri-County Gas propane storage safety tips.

Tri-County Gas Propane Storage Guidelines