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Whether you need propane for home or water heating, cooking, or any other gas needs, you'll find out quickly that it's a great efficient resource for all of your heating needs.


It's our pleasure to offer you free same-day delivery and service - even if your tank is empty - so that you'll always have propane available.


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The reason Tri-County Gas has been in business since 1962 is because of excellent customer service. Our team has a wealth of knowledge, and you're sure to get what you need.  


Our service is always affordable, prompt, friendly and honest. That's why our customer service track record is exceptional.



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Family operated since 1962

We also provide heating appliances, such as fireplaces and accessories. Installing outdoor lighting for your grilling area and pool is one of the other services we offer that sets us apart from our competitors.


If you haven't begun looking into the efficiency of propane, call today to get an estimate.


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Tri-County Gas is dedicated to providing you and your family with reliable propane installation, service and delivery. If you're looking for a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, water or pool, propane is the way to go.

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Choose Tri-County Gas for all your propane gas needs. Tri-County Gas provides heating appliances, such as fireplaces and accessories.